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Christian Hirsbrunner, born 1748.

Christian was the first Hirsbrunner, who called himself a maker of musical instruments. Woodwind instruments were mainly made in his workshop, such as piccolos, transverse flutes, clarinets, oboes and bassoons.


Christen, born 1775, Ulrich, born 1780 and Kaspar Hirsbrunner, born 1784.

The sons of Christian Hirsbrunner continued to carry on a woodwind instrument makers’ workshop with great success.


French troops occupied Switzerland from 1798 to 1803 in the course of the French Revolution. Sumiswald was made into the District Town of the Lower Emmental by the French occupation forces. It is assumed, that French troops were stationed in Sumiswald and, that these troops carried brass instruments with them, for which the Hirsbrunner musical instrument makers showed great interest. Woodwind as well as brass instruments were then made by the Hirsbrunner musical instrument makers from 1800 up to around 1850 in Sumiswald.

Christian Hirsbrunner